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propel 1.5


propel 1.5 has been announced. There’s some exciting new features, see

I’m particularly looking forward to playing with the new ModelCriteria class. I think this will ultimately simplify the way we query the db, though it may take a bit of getting used to at first.


new symfony release, it’s close!


My favourite is the new mailer component, based on Swift Mailer – very flexible.

My second favourite is the sfForm::useFields() method. No more calls to unset($this[<widget_name>]) in sfForm::configure()

propel 1.4 stable release


Just a quickie: propel 1.4 stable is now released! This is available in the upcoming symfony 1.3 release. Our team have been running with 1.4 branch of propel for 2-3 months now and found it very stable. Give it a try.

This will be the default version of propel in symfony 1.3 (release date Dec 2009)